Presenting a Presentation

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Feb 25, 2015 14:57
Presenting a Presentation

Today I’d like to introduce my activity with my friends in the university.

We hold a session for practicing a presentation, and call it “PrePre”.

PrePre stands for presenting a presentation, that is, we kindly give a presentation as a present to the audience.

In the viewpoint of delivering a presentation, it is very critical to consider the audience deeply.

If you give a present to a person you like, you think of her or him and what thing she or he likes, spending too long time.

That point is the same for presentation, we believe, so we named the session “PrePre”.

The members of PrePre come together about once a week, and give a presentation about what every person likes to convey.

We can learn the various themes of our presentation: the contents of a book, a cake, the way to make delicious rice, what is the most important in school life, and a strange animal.

After each presentation, we discuss about the topics.

It is the most exciting period in PrePre, and everyone is looking forward it.

In fact, there is no audience in PrePre, because we decide that every participant doesn’t hear the presentation, but also says anything about it.

We can improve the way of presentation and thinking through PrePre.