The Farewell Party

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Feb 24, 2015 15:23
The Farewell Party

Today, our lab members hold a farewell party to cheer one of lab students to depart from Japan to Canada.

He studies abroad for one year to learn English and foreign culture in the next month.

At the party, we cook “tai-meshi” (a porgy on the rice) and “ten-pura” (like fried foods) and of course drink for today’s dinner.

I would like to describe “tai-meshi”.

You apply salt and ginger on the surface of a porgy and wait a minute.

While salt and ginger take out the smell of fish, you prepare the soup to cook rice.

After washing rice, you add the rice, the porgy, and the soup into a jar, and turn on the switch of it.

When it past about 1 hour, you can eat it.

It has a very nice flavor to attract us.

In our lab, one of our teachers who like fishing made it for us at the last time.

At that time, he went fishing to a sea and took a porgy with some of lab members, including me.

Today he cooks it again.

Before the party, we must attend a meeting for research, but I worry about my concentration on it.

My brain is filled with the dinner.