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Oct 18, 2011 23:20 language
I, an English learner, have trouble translating English into Japanese, and Japanese into English...
And you, a Japanese learner, have trouble translating Japanese into English, and English into Japanese...

It can be said both that these troubles of you and me are the same thing and the different thing.
It is said that by studying foreign language we can learn another way of thinking which differ from our natural one, and become able to see the native language from a new view point.

But it also said that though I am learning English so hard, there is a critical and unavoidable gap between my English and native's, because all my English stands on my Japanese. I usually talk in Japanese and think in japanese and live in japanese. All my life is based on Japanese, yet in spite of this, can I speak English in real meaning?

Oh,,, it seems that I've been thinking a little nervously...
As it is, we can communicate in English without such a problem.
(Of course, there is another problem, which comes from my lack of learning.)
That's all, and all is good.
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