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'so long hours' 'So long' is okay by itself, but if you include a noun, like 'hours', you should say 'such long hours'. I think in this case it's better without the noun, though. 'Economic' recession is the correct word to use. Add...
how to use recession.
  • (my teacher thought "ready-made"and "schools" were wrong.
  • (my teacher thought "ready-made"and "schools" were wrong.Your teacher was correct, we would not use "ready-made" in this instance. You could use "spoon-fed" if you wanted to, like this:"It is not enough in universities to just memorize the facts that they spoon-feed you, like you did in high school." "high schools" was wrong. When we refer to "high school" we almost never pluralize it.
how to use spoon-feed

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