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Jan 20, 2012 23:39
I did a listening practice (dictation) and came across such a phrase.

"Now, more bad news from the automobile industry."

I thought this was strage, and it should be "Now, worse news from the automobile industry."
Why not "worst"? Actually, I heard "mad" though... (^^;

Here is the script:
Now, more bad news from the automobile industry. As we reported several months ago, because of the economic situation, Family Moters saw a 30-percent drop in domestic sales last year. Anticipating that consumers will continue to control spending, Family Moters has just announced that it will cut auto production for the domestic market by 25 percent. With so many people already out of work, this can only mean more job cuts in the industry. (I'm sorry if I made any spelling mistake.)

Thank you for your kind help.(*^-^*)