For Christmas day...

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Dec 23, 2011 21:31
Christmas is around the coner.
You know, though many Japanese are not Christian, we madly celebrate this day.
You can see christmas trees literally EVERYWHERE in Japan. (I think the chances are that in Tohoku area, it's not quite true because of the big earthquake.)
We bought presents for close friends, children and parents.
Actually, almost of all see this event as the day for couples to confirm each other's love.
So some envy who has a sweet lover^^;

Today I went to a shopping mall to look for presents, but I couldn't find any good thing.
What did you buy for your precious people or what will you do for the day??

Now listening to "All I want for Christmas is you," I'm planning about making cokkies for friends and a cake for my family...

Thank you for your corrections and comments!^^