Could you help me with my homework??

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Dec 6, 2011 21:29
I have to translate this into Japanese, but I couldn't understand well *-part.
What does "so to an almost unsociable extent is his mind." mean? I couldn't even see the grammatical stracture.
And What does "drawing his up" mean?

What is it in the English mind and character, or in the English way of life, that has proved so propitious to poetry? The answer must surely be that Englishmen, by reason of their defects no less than their virtues, are closer than most peoples to those reservoirs from which poetry springs. If the Englishman's home is his castle, *so to an almost unsociable extent is his mind.Accustomed to respect the intellectual and emotional privacy of his neighbors, he expects a similar forbearance towards himself. More sociable nations put their ideas into a common pool, but the Englishman keeps *drawing his up painfully from his own private well for his own pribate useーーSIR ERNEST BARKER, The Character of England

Thank you for your help(*^-^*)