Preparation for the end-of-term exam 1

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Dec 3, 2011 23:16
Exam is around here so I have to study for it.
I have to translate some Japanese into English, and to remember one of the three model answers, but I don't know whether my answer is good and which one is best/natural English.
Would you help me?(手を貸して下さい。)

Mine: What is real internationalization? Serious argues don't seem occur, because such a question has no relationship at all with our daily life.

Model answer 1: What is real internationalization? Actually, it seems that this issue is so remote from our daily life that we seldom talk about it seriously.

Model answer 2: What does internationalization really mean? Probably the fact is that this subject is too detached from our daily lives to be seriously discussed very often.

Model answer 3:What does internationalization really mean? Actually, it seems that people don't think very seriously about this question because it's not relevant to thier everyday lives.

I'll appreciate your help (*^^)