hot pot

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Dec 9, 2011 00:05
I like hot pot,especially in winter.The spicy flavor and the atmosphere make it very popular among us.You can invite a copule of friends, sit around a pot with boilling soup, put anything you like into the pot,no cooking skill is needed,and we chat or gossip,and laugh out loudly.What a happy moment!

But what I don't like about hot pot is that the sell will leave on your coat and it's very strong,so it'll be better if you go home and change your clothes immediately after having hot pot.One of my roomates in colleage usually hangs her clothes outside for several days to elimate the smell of hot pot that left on her clothes.

Anyway many people like hot pot.So we decided to go to have hot pot tonight,lucky for us,we didn't have to wait,because we got there a little bit earlier.After that I went to the libary to study,and I guess people sit nearby can tell where did I have my dinner by the smell of my clothes.Maybe the smell reminded them the place for next get-together.Who knows!

Oh,it's very late,I have to wash my clothes now,I don't wanna be a owl anymore!