I am busy writing my dissertation about Jane Austen!

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Aug 7, 2013 11:18
The title of my dissertation is "The Fools in Jane Austen's Novels". Why I chose to write Jane Austen. This is because, Firstly, I like Jane Austen the most. Secondly, she just write small realm around her which makes the story touchable and believable. But after you read her novel, you will find it is a big world contain lots of aspects in our life. The life about money, status, matrimony, class,etc. Also I find some fools in her novels like Mr&Mrs Bennet, Mr. Woodhouse and so on. Sometimes we may find ourselves fools too. As for me, this is the most interesting part in her novels. Steve Jobs said before"Stay hungry, stay foolish." I think you may know the "fool" is not the kind of person who is stupid or silly, sometimes we call a fool "wise fool". This kind of person sometimes pretend to be a fool to mock others. This is a kind of lifestyle, right?
I want to know why Jane Austen write this kind of people in her novels, who influence her? I know Shakespeare is one. Who else? If you know Jane Austen well, could you please give me a hand?