Thank you all of you.

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Oct 16, 2011 09:55 friends. advice.
Yestraday,i become a new member in lang-8.And i add some new friends in this web.Among them,Haetnim,natadekoko love and Robertx add me,this is a big encouragement for me to deliver this diary.

Specially,mr.贤瀚 ทินกร Burkhard,do not add me very urgent.But he give me a useful advice.That is i can write down my self-introduction or an short diary that everyone can know me more.

The following is which Mr.贤瀚 ทินกร Burkhard said to me:很高兴收到你的来信。请问,你可不可以先写一个简短的自我介绍或发表一两个日记?这样,正式交一个网友更方便!谢谢!

So,at this time.I am really really thank all of you.and wish us can have a good net-communication.