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Oct 12, 2011 00:28
Hi again :))

I want to visit Japan in the spring of 2012. For along time I feel the people of Japan are so amazing, so Awesome and I appreciate Japanese culture very much. When I moved to Vancouver 9 years ago I have been able to make many Great friends from Japan here. So many come to Vancouver to study English and some end up staying to live here. It's a Great city for international students, so many schools.

Like any international study destination, there are good schools and bad ones. Also there many agencies that provide help to new students that want to come to here but so many agencies take your money and do not provide good service or charge too much.Here is some information for normal prices about things here for anyone who is thinking about coming to here

The average price for a room can range from 450 to 600 per month, this is a room share. For home stay with food provided it should range around 800. Some agencies charge people 1,200 which is way too much. You should not pay more than the going prices. Also there are good room mates and some not so good so you need to be careful when picking a place. Ask many questions. About phone service you can get much cheaper prices if you go by yourself to Cell phone companies, if you go through agency you will pay way too much. The average price in Vancouver for Cell Phone service now is 35 dollars per month for unlimited talking, unlimited calls, unlimited text messages and international text. Don't pay more than this and most companies can provide a free phone unless you want a more complex phone.

Schools can vary in price too. If you go to a public school instead of private school it will be very cheap also.

Vancouver is a small city so it is easy to get around. It's a beautiful region, and winter is mild, usually around 7c to 10c

If your thinking to come for a visit or to study here I am happy to help with any info you might need. You can add me to Skype if you like my address at Skype is maverickbc I have Facebook too but it won't let me add the info here

Have a Great Day / Night

Smiles & Sunshine

Ron :))