Particles and subject markers?

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Feb 8, 2009 11:27
To say, "Today and yesterday, I studied Korean", would I say 오늘을 for "today"...? 을 is a subject marker right? So I would say 오늘을 to make today the subject of the sentence? Or would I use 은? I'm still confused for which one to use...

&When speaking of things like days, how would you say "and"? Would it be 과? (오늘을 과 어세를 = Today and yesterday?)

And for "I studied Korean", the only past tense I know now is 있었어요. Is there a different phrase that fits this sentence better?
--->오늘을 과 어제를, 저는 공부하고 있었어요.
Is that the right way to say "Today and yesterday, I studied/was studying Korean." ??