If you won't work you shan't love. 働かざる者、恋愛するべからず

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May 13, 2012 12:50
I live that by motto that If I won't work I shan't love.
I've worked still now, but I think that I want to quit everyday.
So I can't love.
今は働いているけれど、毎日辞めたいのだw だから恋愛できない。

The ideal ratio is "work:love=50:50", but the real ratio is "work:love=100:0".

I living death weekend. I don't have my strength and energy power of make up and date.
Males will desires females in extreme environment.

Becaue they will want to create offspring by instinct.

But females will refuse males, because they can't bring up childen.

That is me!!!
I begin to rid myself of a woman
First, I'm going to go to the beauty salon to get a hair cut.

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