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Feb 26, 2012 07:48
Yesterday I went to karaoke alone.

Recently more and more people go to karaoke alone. It has been popular in Japan.

We go alone because we want to brush up our skill,have fun alone, or just relaxed in the privet room.

One of the merits to go alone is that I can sing all the time; I don't have to wait to sing.

(But actually I like to go to karaoke with my friends simply because it's more fan! In fact there are more people who go to karaoke with their friends than go alone.)

We don't hesitate to go to karaoke alone anymore.

I was singing about 2 hours alone (It's wired.)

I tried to sing some English songs: Puff the magic dragon, I want you to want me, don't tell me,,,etc.

There are numerous English and Korean songs too, so foreign people would also enjoy karaoke in Japan.

Anyway, I had a good time 'alone'. hahaha