What is the difference of ごめんなさい and すみません.

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Dec 30, 2011 23:52


Today let me tell you about the difference of "ごめんなさい" and "すみません"

If you study Japanese, I think you know these words, but can you use it correctly?

This two words have almost same meanings, but in some cases one is allowed to use but the other is not.

I'll try to show you the difference :D

How meanings did you learn "ごめんなさい" and "すみません"?

Maybe you learn "I'm sorry" or something like that :)

Of course these words have the meaning, but in some case we should not use "ごめんなさい", but "すみません".

For example, if you are on the train and someone gives up his/hers seat for you, What would you say?

"In general", you should not say "ごめんなさい", but "すみません".


Because "ごめんなさい" means only "I'm sorry:(", in other words, apology to someone.

If you say "ごめんなさい" at that case, maybe a person who are said would think "Why you apologized to me :o?"

I think it's a bit strange to "apology" when you are given a seat by someone.

In stead of use "ごめんなさい", I think you should use "すみません" at that case.

"すみません" is a very very useful word. We can use this word at many opportunities:) Actually I use "すみません" many times.

In any case, we can use "すみません" when we have someone doing something good thing for us :)

Sorry for my bad English, but can you understand the difference???

you 「well,,,, I can't understand what you're talking about :(」

↑ in such a case, I say "ごめんなさい" because I'd like to apologize to you.

(Of course "すみません" also means I'm sorry, so I can use it in such a case :D)

you「Yeah! I could understand! thank you!」

↑ in this case, I would say "ありがとうXD" haha

That's all for today. Thank you :]