Eriko Yamaguchi is Japanese powerful woman

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Nov 19, 2011 01:15 philosophy
Eriko Yamaguchi is a handbag designer and president of a company called Mother House.
These days Japanese journalists are taking notice of her.

All bags of Mother House are made in Bangladesh.

For the first time she went to Bangladesh when she was 22 years old.
Before then, she was interning in Inter-American Development Bank.
Inter-American Development Bank is a international organization that back up any poor country.
She knows facts that many staff never have time to go to poor country.
This fact decide her to go to Poorest country.

Arriving at Bangladesh, seeing many street children, she is shocked very much.
In order to know a reason of large poor in this country, she decide to enter a college in this country.

Little by little, she knows a key idea to help people in poor country.
The key is a fair trade to the advanced country.

She decide to make bag using jute.
Jute is a cheep material.
Her key idea is that selling high quality bag made by jute to Japan.

Then, with a lot of difficulty, these days Mother House is a popular bag maker in Japan.
Of course, all bag are made in Bangladesh.
Bag's quality and design is very good.
People making bag are Bangladesh.
Eriko has Bangladesh to take pride and makes employments in Bangladesh.

Now, she is 30 years old and most active woman in Japan.

In Japan, a prominent business man is
Soichiro Honda : Honda
Konosuke Matsushita : Panasonic
Kazuo Inamori : KDDI

In U.S, There are a lot of prominent business man.

Japanese are quiet and read air.
After the Pacific War, philosophy is brushed away.
But, they constrict throwing up powerful Japanese Business man, I guess.