Today was so cold!!!

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Dec 16, 2011 00:56
The temperature fell down below zero today.
The weather center forecasted that the cold weather will continue untill this weekend.
Today, after work, I felt hugry so i bought a snack called Bungeobbang.
Bungeobbang has the same shape of fish and contains adzuki beans filling.
There are many Bungeobbang street vendors so we can see it easily.
Because Bungeobbang is famous for winter food we almost couldn't see street vendors in the summer time.
But many Bungeobbang cafeterias are starting to open so we can eat it always.
I heard that Bungeobbang is Japanese food.
There are the same things or the similar things in Japan.

Recently, Bungeobbang is filled with not only adzuki beans filling but also custard cream, sweet potatoes, tunas and Bulgogi etc.
Bungeobbang contains many kind of fillings, but it doesn't contain a fish exactly!