I went to the West sea last weekend!

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Nov 28, 2011 00:42
I went to West Coast Muchangpo Beach with my friend.
Last friday night, I was talking to my friend on the phone.
Suddenly, she told me. " Would you like to go to the sea with me now?"
So we inadvertently have left to Muchangpo Beach.
Although it was late night, we had a traffic jam.

Muchangpo beach is located at the west side of Korea.
The West sea of Korea has a large tridal range so it has a vast mudflat.
It is one of the world's top five mudflat.
The West sea has a various sea creatures like oyster, small octopus and cockles ect.
Also, Muchanpo beach is famous for mystery of a see route(신비의 바닷길).
A road to the island is opened when the tide is on the ebb.
When we arrived beach in morning, the tide was on the ebb. We were lucky!^^
It was cloudy but we took many pictures and ate fresh seafood! :D