homework(2):The Dinner--party

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Oct 14, 2011 15:09
Last Sunday, all members of my family came together over a dinner in Quanjude Restaurant.Quanjude,which is famous for Beijing Roast Duck, is one of Beijing 's most renowned restaurant, most often complimented for its trademark. It is said that a trip to Beijing is essentially pointless without sampling China's prized Beijing Roast Duck. Missing this experience is like missing the Great Wall!
The dinner has begun! Grandfather was the first one to show how can we savor this dish. He told us that the Beijing Roast Duck is a mouth--watering, smoked meal accompanied by pancakes、sauce、vegetable fillings and savoring pieces of crispy skin that lusciously melt in your mouth .So first he speeded the condiment on the pancake, added sugar or\and garlic as he might wash. Then he put one piece of duck in the middle of the pancake and added greens he preferred. At last ,he rolled and ate his own duck roll.Haha,it seems so delicious! Everyone tried to make their own duck roll.
But for the Beijing Roast Duck ,the dinner must included eggs. Everyone especially my grandpa had an egg so that our family will continue for generations and grandpa may keep healthy.And a whole fish, complete with head and tail, was also served. So everything of my family will have a good beginning and end.
At the end of the dinner, everyone--young and old, took a sip of rice wine, imparting a good wish in all.
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