homework(1)-----what did you do yesterday?

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Sep 30, 2011 16:38
Mary meets Tom who is surfing Internet in the library of their school. They have kept their friendship for about 10 years. And Mary is glad to have a talk with him.
“Hello!Tom!Today is a fine day, isn’t it?” says Mary.
“Oh,hi!Mary!Glad to see you!” Tom says happily.
“Haha!you are surfing the Internet?!” Mary says.
“Yes, I bought this notebook computer yesterday.” Tom replies.
“Well, it seems quite useful! Where did you buy it?” asks Mary.
Guangbutun Digital Square, just near the North Gate of Central China Normal University.”Tom says.
“That’s great!” Mary hold Tom's hand
“I also need one, shall we go to the square to buy anther one?”
“Ok! let’s go!” says Tom.
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