Le Zenith concert stadium in Paris

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Oct 7, 2011 19:02
This is Le Zenith concert stadium in Paris, dream stage for music artists. Last June, its seven thousand seats were filled up as Korean music stars heated up the night of the arts capital world.


Besides the musical element, the concert received positive feedback from the local press thanks to its well- organized repertoire.

There is a Korean invasion spreading across the globe and on the crest of cultural takeover is K-pop the country's take on popular-music. In the past K-pop groups would have to achieve home-spun success before their catchy tunes spread, but now the boy bands, the group of girls and the solo singer's records are being snapped up in Europe and America as soon as they're released... heralding a new era in what's being dubbed The Korean Wave and providing a boom for Korean entertainment companies.

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