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Feb 23, 2009 23:56
I have to write about Canada, and it is very hard.
Please correct my English!!
If ti is better to change a paragraph, please correct.
And also I want you to correct my long sentence to short it as possible as you can. For example, 4 5 6

About The Canadian International Doragon Boat Fastival.
1. Dragon boating appeared in Vancouver as a demonstraition sport at - Expo 86.
2. It is held during the summer.
3. It began more than 2,000 years ago in the valleys of southern China.
4. Early dragon boat races were mock battles to awaken the hibernating Heavenly Dragon.
5. Dragon Boat Fastival 20th Anniversary was attracting over 90,000 people and more than 180 dragon boat teams from across the Lower Mainland and around the globe.
6. The peolpe raced out in their fish Boats and their oars to keep the fish and water dragons from his body.

I'm so sorry, I keep stopping some e-mails.x(
I'll sent you as possible as I can.