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Dec 2, 2009 00:08
I haven't written a dialy for a long time, and I haven't replyed to many massage. I'm sorry!! But now I have to study for my test, so this weekend I reply massage!! Please waite for me><

The day after tomorrow, I have to write a essay at the test, so please correct it.
The theme is responsibility.

If you have a boy friend who has a fatal disease and if only you know the fact, how do you behave in front of him? If he ask you to take him to the amusement park in spite of the danger of going there. Beside you know his parents expect him to stay at home and to spend with him in the rest of his time. Then what do you do? I’m going to take him to the amusement park if he really hopes for it, because that’s all I can do for him. When you are at a loss, you should do something you can. I think it is very difficult to think about responsibility for people so I think if you consider it hard then you will find an answer, and you find an answer, you will be allowed to believe that it is best your choosing. After all, you have to have own responsibility, but it is difficult to find answer what is the best in case of others.

If you fined the sentence, please erase, because it is too much.