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Jul 22, 2009 10:09
For these reasons, I thnk education that aims at development of individual tarent rather than learning by rote is needed. I like time to spear, because I can have free time for talking with my family or doing my hobbies. But for the reason of it, many students became going to a cram school. If you sleep during your class in your school, and go to a cram school, your studying is no meanng. At first, you should enough in your school, after that if you want to study more, you can go to a cram school. By the way, I think Japanese school is putting a great deal of effort into a cultural exchange between other countries. In my high school, there are systems for relation to other countries. My class which called international comunication carse is one of systems, that we can lean other country's traditional way of life as well as English, and we can see many people from other countries. My high school have many chance to go othere countries. May be it is not only my high school but also other school. I think it is very good things for our future.

I'll write this continuation next.
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