please correct it!!

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Jul 22, 2009 09:47
This is about educatioin, and I want you to correct it.

I think an elementary school, a high school and an university have respective important means. For example, in en elementary school, you can learn the way of comunication no to mention studying, and you can learn the way of cooperate with your friends in a junior high school and high school. I have not known yet that an university is what kind of place yet, but I think there are something to learn as well as studying. By the way , why is there a compulsory education? Then what do we have to learn? I think the tewm is very important time for us, because you can fine yourselfe which is your dream, your thinking, your position and your best friend, through othere people. Of course, I think it is important thing to study subjects of school, but I also think ability for living is very important thing, because there are many people who cannot live themselves. (in anothere word, the people who don't know how to comunicate with othere people)

I will write a continuation of it before.