about Independence Day in Mexico

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Nov 13, 2012 21:37
In 1521, Aztec which was built led by Mexico City was destroyed by Spanish. Afterwards, Spanish made Aztec the colony and ruled it. Many natives lost their lives and the life was destroyed, and the policy of colony made numerous wealth and fortune for Spanish.

Father Hidalgo gave weapons to famers who were exploited by seigniors, and started a riot. Before long, Hidalgo did Declaration of Independence sounding a bell in the palace in Nueva Espana. It is said that the time was about 11:00 on the night of September 15. Hidalgo is called the father of independence.

The festival is performed in Mexico each place on Independence Day. Especially in Mexico City, the main street or the open space of Socalo are brightly illuminated. And there are street vendor’s stalls. Many goods of souvenir are seld.

The fireworks are displayed, the concert of Mariach which is Mexican musical band is held. But it is not all night, it brake up at about 12:00, and after that, celebrate it with a family and friends at home.

The armed forces are different from normal, soldiers wear a military uniform which were wear at the time of the revolution or independence war. There are people who wear clothes which are different from the times, a region and folk customs.