Please help me>< i have a Spanish test tomorrow><

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Jan 29, 2012 18:52
I have to write about the 源氏物語(Genji Monigatari. Story of HikaruGenji).
So, please correct may Spanish><Please!!
I'll write in this order→ Japanese, English, Spanish.


"Genji Monogatari"( the story of HikaruGenji) is one of the love stories.
This novel was written by Murasakisikibu.
The hero of this novel is Hikaru Genji.
He was a very attractive person, and was felling love with a lot of women.
I like Aoinoue.
She was one of girlfriend of Genji, but she was very proud, so she couldn't tell her mind to him.
She hard to get along with person, but I can understand her mine very much, so I like her.

"Genji Monogatari" es una novera literaria del amor.
Murasaki Shikibu escribo esta novera.
El protagonista era Hikarugenji.
El era muy atractivo, y andava con muchas mujeres.
Me gusta Aoinoue.
Ella era la novia de Hikarugenji, pero ella tenia muchos orgullo, y ella no expresar a Hikarugenji.
Ella dificultades, y yo puedo entenderla, por lo tanto me gusta Aoinoue.

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