Speaking Test-Garden

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Dec 29, 2011 15:50
Do many people in China have their own garden?
well it’s depends. Many home owners landscape their yards even grow their own vegetables & herbs as well as trees.
If they don't have a home with land, they may have window boxes on their flat windows or a terrace where they can grow flowers in , I think you can call it a mini-garden or air-garden.
If someone has a private garden in China, do they usually prefer to grow flowers or vegetables?
I think for chinese, maybe they prefer plant flowers in the front yard and grow vegetables like cherry tomatoes in the backyard. it's more attractive to plant the decorative flowers in the front.
Do Chinese people like growing flowers?
Yes, we like .chinese has long history about growing flowers.It looks beautiful and smells nice. It also can brighten up a room.
for me, I like lilies it puts me in a good mood.
Do you like growing flowers.
Yes. I'm crazy about growing flowers .Especially lily, it stands for purity.
and I'm fond of peony, it represents prosperity & fortune. (wealth)

Have you ever grown anything, in a garden, or possibly in a flower pot?
Yes, I used to plant them in flower pot .but actually I ‘m not a good gardener.i just buy them from flower market and watering sometimes even I don’t know theire name clearly.

What benefits do people get from gardens or from gardening?
Well we can learning to be patient when we take care of the flowers. and it give a chance to spend time outside, taking some physical work, like care of the plants and watch them grow ,we could enjoy the feeling of harvest. Maybe you can eat fresh organic veggies which are really good for you.