Speaking Test-Flying

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Dec 29, 2011 15:49
Do you like flying?
Yeah I love the excitement of it! So much fun!It can take me to my destination and staff really have good manners,they always offered the best service to passenger.actually …I think I like thire uniform,and I enjoy the views down below.
Why do not you like travelling by air?
It's okay to fly ,but it is a pain on very long flights I don’t like stay in a closed place.And it’s horrible when there is bad turbulence.
It's true that flying is more safer than driving, statistically; but, your chances of surviving a car crash are much higher than a plane crash. Coz,we can not control over the plane very well when it flying.
Why do you like traveling by train?
I much prefer to travel by rail.It’s more cheaper than flight. Train allows one have a great leisure time ,you can enjoy the beatutiful senery,relaxing, chatting, meeting new people or working. A perfect case in point is JK Rowling wrote the first Harry Potter in trains.
Where is the better place?
I prefer first class its so roomy and comfy plus you get better drink and food choices. I also like to sit by the wing, experts say it’s the most safety place in a plane.