Speaking Test-Meals

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Dec 29, 2011 15:48
How do people in your country usually eat a meal?
In my country people love eating in groups,not only between family but also colleagues, Chinese people love getting together and sitting down to enjoy a good meal.
Do you prefer to sit together as a family for a meal, or to eat separately?
I would prefer to sit down and eat as a family .because I think eating with family is a great opportunity for family bonding and it strengthens the relationship .The most important thing is eating together as family is a Chinese tradition.
What do you usually eat for your evening meal?
Yea~I like a hearty meal with rich vegetables and meat, dinner is the time where I can really enjoy my meal coz I don’t have enough time in lunch.And it’s so important because If I ‘m not have dinner ,I can’t control myself to get mid-night snacks which is something that I really want to avoid.

Which meal of the day do you think is the most important?
In my mind, breakfast is the most important meal because it starts your day off, without breakfast, people will not have any energy to work well.
Is there any special food that you particularly like?
Actually,My favorite food is chinese food,especially spacy ToFu.And I love eating Tex-Mex too, it’s combines the quantity of American food with the flavours of Mexican food, It’s delicious.