Speaking Test-Birds

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Dec 29, 2011 15:42
Do you like birds?
Yea I do. I think birds are lovely and sometimes useful.Especially in the mornings when the birds are chirping , I think it really makes the world feel alive and it also tell you the wonderful new day is just around the corner.
In your country, do different birds represent different things?
Actually in my country , most of brids are implay freedom.there also have some special case. magpies are a sign of good luck yet crows symbol misfortune ,crane is a sign of longevity and swallows signal new life.
Do you think we should protect (wild) birds?
I think everything deserves a chance at life, I know it’s very common for people to eat wild birds in China,but I really think wild birds should be protected because they are a important part of the ecosystem.

Are there any birds (in your country/where you live) that have disappeared?
Well ,when I was young there were a lot of wild blue jays in my neighbourhood, but now due to all the construction that’s going on in my hometown , we can’t see a lot of them anymore.

What kinds of birds are there where you live?
Umm, I’m not a big fan of birds so I don’t really know the name , but the birds I see around my area are mostly black birds that have a yellow beak, oh, and I can also see some swallows during the spring.