I have some questions.

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Mar 21, 2012 17:39
I'm living in Sydney, Australia. Sydney is early fall at the moment. So It's really comfortable crimate these days^^ I like it.
Anyway I'd like to ask you something.
Ofcourse I often talk with international friends in English everyday.
We usually talk about our personal topics. But we don't have much good English skill yet.
I'd like to know how can I ask these things, or are they correct?

How many boyfriends have you had?
(I want to ask that how many boyfriends did you fall in love with before...)

In Japanese we have the verb "tsukiau". It's very useful word for asking about that. e.g If I say just "tsukiatteru". It mean a main person has a girl/boyfriend. It's quite easy for me. But If I transrate it...It should be "relate"?

....I have no idea. X(