How is your generation different from your parents`generation?

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Feb 20, 2009 00:06
Every generation of people are different in important ways. How is your generation different from your parents`generation?

We live in a world that has been changing speedily and we have to adapt ourselves with it. We have seen different people that were born in different time and conditions and grew in different periods of time.
As a result, there are many differences from one generation to another generation due to the fact that every generation have some effects of political, economical, social, scientific, and technical conditions ,and many other things at that time.
If these changes from one generation to another generation have been leading to a good point, we can see a better world than befor. So what do you think about differences between generations? What are some important differences between your generation and your parents`? I think the response of this question can be different in different nations.
In my opinion one good point of my generation is that we are more clever,open minded and sharper than people in previous generation . Of course it`s not true for all of people and we can find some exceptions. It goes without saying that technical and scientific scientce and technology have been developing very quickly and communications help spearding them, in this regard, children that are growing in the situation, see many new things that are happening around the world. Undoubtedly these children can underestand more new things step by step. I can see that the generations after mine is more clever and sharper than us.
I can`t find any negative points in my generation : ) so I asked my father to help me, and unfortunately he found some negative points which may be true. He said, my generation live in an easier way and we have more facilities than he had, because of that we may satisfy hardly, or we rarely valued and joy the simple things that are around us.
I think it can be true, what do you think? Every generation may get somethings and loose the others. So, I hope every newer generation get better things and loose the others.

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