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Jan 1, 2012 03:23
HAPPY NEW YEAR to people in the world... :D May in this year, our life is more better then last year, all the thing we want need, can we get it, ...

goodbye 2011... you're the good year... many memories, many stories, many problem, many smiles, many sad.. etc... thanks for anything... i never forget you....

Hello 2012.. welcome to my life, welcome to in this world, welcome to people life.. i hope you can give the best experience for people and give the kind of story about life.. !!

I Pray to God in beginning of this year, i start to be a new self, a new hope, a new dream, a new good attitude, a new everything i want, hahah..

the last but not least, thanks so much for my Parents, you're the Best i had, my teacher, my friend in the world or my classmate, my 7 best friend.... "KTT".. for SUPER JUNIOR especially for Siwon, for 2ne1, for SNSD, for anything about JAPAN.... thanks so muchhhhh....

May your day in new year can be better again..... :D