The entrance exams of Tokyo University

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Dec 17, 2012 01:11
I struggled with them.
I'd appreciate it if you would point out my grammatical or logical mistakes.

(Please look at a picture above.)

(My answer)
A woman is angrily looking at a broken vase on the floor.
It is her husband who broke it.
He is so confused and peeping her from behind the door.

Fill in each blank below in 10-20 words.

Communication styles differ from person to person.
For example, some people (1)--------------------,while others (2)----------------------------.
Therefore, the most important thing in human communication is (3)----------------------------.

(My answer)
(1)think direct communication such as talking or debating in person is very important
(2)like indirect communication better such as talking on the phone or chatting on the Internet
(3)to know what communication style a person you are communicating with likes