Theme "Space explanation is a waste of money"

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Jan 30, 2014 09:47
Theme "Space explanation is a waste of money"

I don’t support the idea.
People may say it usually ends in vain.
It is true that we seldom find new discoveries in spite of much expense.
However, if we succeed, we get great benefit.
For example, if you found a new metal which doesn't exist on the earth, we could make use of it in various industries.
In addition, space exploration today is done in a more efficient and money-saving way than it used to be.
This is why you cannot criticize it in terms of money.
Therefore, space exploration is nothing but a waste of money.

I tried writing a critical essay.
I know what I write about space exploration is incorrect, so I'd appreciate it if you would point out only grammatical errors and unnatural expressions:->