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Oct 22, 2011 22:58 Nintendo SONY game computer
Have you heard of SONY and Nintendo?
Both are Japanese famous companies dealing with computer games.
And they have been rivals for dozens of years.
But they have different policies.

SONY is making much of performance such as graphics and processors.
You can understand it if you play with PS3 or PSP.
When you are playing racing games on PS3, you might feel as if you are actually driving.
In a word, SONY is trying to create "virtual reality".

On the other hand, Nintendo regards creativity as the most important thing.
For example, it launched Nintendo 3DS a half year ago.
This gadget literally enables you to play games on 3D without wearing 3D glasses.
Nintendo won a prize for this innovative technology in Britain.

Both companies are located in Japan.
But their purposes are quite different.
If you were forced to choose, which company would you like to work for? :->