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Oct 13, 2011 23:54 pet mouse beetle English Japanese
I'd like to introduce my pets today. :->
I keep a mouse, a dog, a rabbit and beetles.
I displayed pictures of the mouse and the beetle.

Please look at the first and second pictures.
This kind of mice is so called Panda Mouse because they have stripes like Giant Panda(s?).
When I went to a pet shop, I run into him and bought him on impulse because he was so pretty! :->

The third picture is one of my beetles.(I keep 8 beetles in total.)
It is a larva of Hercules beetle(
This kind is the biggest beetle in the world.
So, it weighs only 20g now, but it will grow rapidly and weigh 120-140g in 6months!

Anyway, I like my pets.
Do you keep any pet(s)?:->
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