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Sep 20, 2011 12:55
Do you know the Japanese idol group named "AKB48" ?
They are very popular now in Japan, that there's no day which we don't see them in TV.
They had performed many new projects which the other idol group hadn't done, for example, select members who join the next CD product by election. The people who bought their CD acquires an election right. The point is that their fans feel that they have an influence to the way the group proceeds, and this creates enthusiastic fans.

Today, a big event will be carried out. It is called "Janken tournament".
This time, the member who joins the next CD product will be selected by "Janken".
Do you know what "Janken" is? It is a way to pick out someone from a group randomly.
It is very easy to do. We just put our hands front in the same time. There's three patterns of the shape of the hands we show each other.
For example, if we name the three patterns like "A,B,C", A is stronger than B, B is stronger than C, and C is stronger than A. The one who win or lose at the last is the one who is selected.

I think it is called "Rock-Paper-Scissor" in English, but does it used in other countries? How about in your country? In Japan, it is used very commonly, for example choosing the one who be the committee member at school, or the one who makes presentation of the group work, or the one who pays the money, etc.

I'm sorry I've wrote a long sentence. Thank you for reading!

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