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Dec 23, 2011 18:29
I took a trip of Mt.Seorak.설악산
Serak Mountain is in the northeastern part of Gangwon province.
Pyeongchang located in Gangwon province.
Do you know Pyeongchang?
Korea hosted the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang.
So Korea and Pyeongchang become more famous before to foreingers.
Becaouse the Olympics are a biggest sports festival of the global village.
Actually I'm not really bothered about the Olympics.

I'm getting side track.

Anyway, write go back to the starting point.
I took a trip of MT. Seorak.
설'Seol' means snow in Chinese characters.
Snowcapped Mt. Seorak more appeared truly magnificent than in the picture.
The kensinton hotel has two red double-deck imported from the UK.
In red double-deck, maybe use for event such as sb's bithday.
Hotel situated near a Seorak National Park.
I enjoyed the mountain scenery fully there.
The quietness of the mountains made me feel comfortable.
and hotel also quite and customers are sparse because it's a weekday falls on off-season.
It's feels like I'm at the North Pole or Switzerland.
From now on, I'll travel around more than before.
It cost more but it was worth it. :)

I'll write one more thing.
..:+(*)+:..Merry Christmas to you guys..:+(*)+:..