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Testimonials from My Friends

Ys always provides clear, extremely helpful corrections and comments on my Japanese. In addition his English is amazing, and more often than not I find myself questioning my own knowledge of the English language through trying to correct his thoughtful, exceptionally well written entries.
ものすごい丁寧な添削をしてくれる方です そして親切でとてもkindlyです 英語初心者の僕にとってとっても勉強になります これからもよろしくお願いします:D
Thanks for your corrections on my Japanese journal. It's really helpful :-)

It's really a joy to read and correct your journals. It is always nicely written, with interesting content and excellent writing skills. Your English level is really good.. and there isn't much to correct, so I sometimes just share my opinions on other ways of expressions. I hope that I have been helpful. keke..And thank you for always being very kind to me and helping to correct my Japanese journals. I wish to write more regularly... Always appreciate your help!
Yuki has fantastic English and has been amazing at helping me improve my Japanese. He not only corrected my work but also went out of his way to help me with punctuation and additional sentences, he even helped me with Kanji! Thankyou Yuki, your help has been much appreciated!!!!! Momo xxxxx