A speech about friendship

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Nov 30, 2011 22:40
I'd like to have a formal start,so let's wait for five seconds.

Hello,everyone.I'm honored to be here to deliver a speech.Now,I'd like to begin my speech.

Think of it,if you can,an answer.

Who is the person help you without hesitation when you need help?

Who is the person care you when you are ill and comfort you when you are sad?

Who is the person happier than you when knowing you are happy?

Who is the person feeling sad when seeing you are suffering?

Who is the person encouraging you when you feel helpless?

Who is the person being with you when you feel lonely?

Who is the person tell where you should go next when you are lost ?

I guess you've got the right answer,he is a friend.

But why we need friends?

Far away from parent's care, we are alone to fight for our future,and we were injured,and we were suffering ,and we were anxiously look at the future,and feeling so uncertain,and wondering whether the hope is still there or not.Right at that moment ,there is always someone coming to us,help us,cure us,care us,and give us the courage to insist.And these people are friends.

Then what is a friend?

A friend is the person who you can talk everything to.

A friend is the person who understand you most.

A friend is the person who you want him to be in a good state.

A friend is the person while listening a song or reading a story,you will be thinking of him,his sincere,his tolerance,and the days you've spent with him.

A friend is the person who will share the happiness with you when he is happy.

A friend is the person who love you,including advantages and disadvantages.

A friend is the person who said to you :"cry on my shoulders" when you cried.

A friend is the person who being with you through thick and thin,having no logic reasons ,just because you are his friend.

A friend is the person even though the whole world deserted you,he will still support you and said to you:"don't worry,I am here for you."

Then what is friendship?

Friendship is something that you don’t have to do something special,when your friend is sad, just be with him,he won’t require anything from you,and your being with him can be everything to him.

Friendship is something that when you miss him,you won't feel any sadness ,instead you will feel warm in your heart ,you will be touched by everything he has done for you.

Friendship is something that we can not buy.

Friendship is only one small part of your life,but can change your whole life.

What can we gain through friendship?

With friendship,you will feel the world is so bright,so beautiful!

With friendship,you will be happy and everyday will be sunny for you.Just like this picture.

With friendship,you will start cherishing your life,loving your life,and at the same time you will hope no matter where he is ,he will be fine and when you are not there by his side,he will take good care of himself.

With friendship ,even a tiny thing will remind you of everything,all is about him.

With friendship,your world is different.

Then why should we cherish friendship?

We should be aware of the fact that we only know that when we've already lost the friendship,but at that time,we can’t bring our friendship into life,so if we don’t know how to rescue the friendship,please start cherishing it.Even when there is a person who care us so well,and we still won’t feel grateful for what they’ve done for us,we always take it for granted that they should take care of us,but why ?What things worth him to take care of you?Your wealth?Your health?Your youth?No!None of this,they just want to care you,without hoping to get anything to pay back. Besides,we are taking care of and this is totally free,we have feelings to share with our friendship,including happiness and sorrow.But we are still so greedy,if they are always helping us ,once they don’t help us,we will be thinking why they don’t help us this time instead of feeling grateful for what they’ve already done for us.

So,I am here to call for all of you cherishing what you own now,especially friendship. And the reason why I choose this topic is that I think we are always overlooking precious things we already have,and I'd like you to cherish the friend beside you.

Then I'd like to share a story with you. A true story.On the October,13th,2011.It's a Thursday,and it's time for many of us to have a test for racing 1000 meters.And after running these 1000 meters,I felt very dizzy.In the process of returning to the dormitory,I felt so uncomfortable that I have told Jacky for several times that I was not feeling very well.At first,Jacky said he want to support me with his hand,and I said I don't need help now.But as we keep climbing the stairs,I felt worse and worse,and I began to feel very cold,so I use my schoolbag to cover my stomach,in which way I can feel better.He thought I was too weak to carry the schoolbag,so he want to help me to carry it,and I said weakly in a very low voice,"I am very cold."Seeing I was so weak,as my face turned pale,as my lips turned white,and he began to support me with his hand to climb the stairs without a word,however,at this moment,even his normal pace,I felt it's too quick for me,and I can't bear it,and I am much more dizzy than minutes before,and at the same time I want to vomit.I told him,it's too quick for me,and he began to support me in his hand,step by step,little by little, walk slowly.After some small walks,I would need a rest,or I would fall in faint.And at that time,maybe just a bigger step can be deadly to me.At the corner of the fourth floor,I felt I will die probably,not very soon,maybe just several minutes later.This time,I am so close to death that I can actually feel its fiery breath engulfing me.That is to say, I did feel I was going to die.Known that I can't climb the stairs anymore,he decide to go to the dormitory to fetch a bench for me to rest here.During the time when he fetch the bench,there are several minutes,and after rest for these several minutes,I felt I was better.Dizzy as I was,I was not so uncomfortable than before.So,I said"I felt better,I can go back myself,you can leave me here."What he said make me feel so warm,he said,I am worrying about you,I won't feel assuring,what if you fall in faint after leave you here,no, let me send you to the dormitory.After I have gotten into the dormitory,he told me,if there is something wrong,I should call him,and he will be back in a minute.And there is a time when he come to see whether I am already recover or not,I said yes,I've been recovered and when I stood up,I feel dizzy again,and I continue to rest in bed,and after rest for nearly 30 minutes,I was totally recovered.Do you know what I was thinking about at that time?I was thinking,without Jacky,without Jacky is there for me,I don't know what the result would be,maybe I would be sent to ambulance for rescuing,maybe I would die ,and the autopsy report will show I had been died of shock休克.Though I don't want to suppose like this ,but if ,if this if happens ,I would die!I would be nowhere to be seen!And I would say goodbye to this world!

Today,my best friend saved my life.

I think I can do everything for him now,because,Jacky,he even saved my life,what reasons do I have to refuse to help him?

Jt told us to send a letter to a best friend,and it's known to us all that my best friend is Jacky,and this is a part of the letter."I am so desperate to cherish the friendship between us, though I can't figure out why I should make friends with you,and this is the first time that I have friendship like this,and I think this feeling is beyond words,so I just can't figure out.Ever before,I was always thinking, that the friend I had before must be the only one best friend forever,so you can never ever be my best friend,forever,when I first make friends with you,I told myself this,but,assess it now,I found things has changed a lot,though he is still the one who can't replace in my heart,because two of you are not the same type,but,I gradually forgot the one who I thought would be my forever best friend ,you have replaced him,even before I was realized,it did happen.

Not until today did I realize that I was cheating myself and I have been cheating myself for so long……

Maybe,it's true,that something we own now is the most precious one that we should cherish.I think it's very hard for me to keep in touch with the former best friend,since we are not together,the most frequent thing that I consider is that I should not bother him."


This is another part of the letter."And after I had a quarrel with my roommate and you,the difference of reactions tell me,you are so good to me,and at that time,I told myself,Luffy,you should cherish him……or,even you can't forgive yourself."

The following part is what I want to say to Jacky.

Jacky,I will never forget the days we are together to fight for future.

Jacky,known that the future is so uncertain,I won't feel lonely ,and I won't give in,because I know ,Jacky,you are always there to accompany me ,no matter what the result will be.

Jacky,thank you for all that you've done for me.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your joking.

Thank you for your missing.

Thank you for your caring.

Thank your for all your words said to me.

Thank you for having meals with me.

Thank you for teaching me basketball.

Thank you for having been silly with me.

Thank you ,and with you,I won't feel lonely.

Thank you, and with you,I won't care about difficulties I would meet.

Thank you, and with you,I won't care about what I will suffer.

Jacky,I know,even if all of others left me,you are always there for me.

Jacky,I know,even if all of others don't understand me,you will always be the one who understand me most.

Jacky,I know,even if all of others are against me,you will still support me without saying a word.

Thank you,Jacky.(bow to Jacky.)

I tell you the story between us because I want you to realize how precious friendship is,and I also want to show this touching story with you.

Let's end up my speech with the sentence once YuQiuyu has said,"Is it easy to come to this world? Is it easy to meet each other for once? Is it easy to have a friend? Remember that words----learn to cherish with great care."

I hope all of you enjoy every moment with your friend.

That's all,thank you!