Having fun in Sanbang in the Philippine:)

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Sep 15, 2011 01:17
It has been for 3days since I came to Sabang in the Philippine.

Sabang is an area which is famous among diving-lovers.

I dive everyday so far.

What I like here is,,, it is very cheap compare to my country, Japan.

The cost for diving license course is around US$300(I think it is cheap). Also, accommodation is cheap.

People is friendly,(though they try to sell something, but they never be rude) the weather is mostly nice.

Sabang is very small town, so if you stay a few days and walk around city, you will be acquainted with some local people.

I'm having really fun staying just in front of beach.(like 3 steps to the beach!)

I think here is for foreigner, I mean that it is not too local atmosphere, but I'm sure many people can enjoy.