Festival is coming in next month

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Sep 6, 2011 21:36 japanese festival
These days the sound of drums comes into my room every evening till night.

I know where it comes from.

It is the sound of practice for a traditional festival called DANJIRI at somewhere around my neighbor.

The main part of this festival is carrying huge and heavy wooden car.

The wooden car is called "DASHI" and more than 4t weight and around 4m height.

What everyone like Danjiri is its aggressiveness.

Around 150 people pull DASHI, which is mostly about 20 people on and it weight more than 4t, with a rope connected to DASHI and run through their local area.

The point to enjoy this festival is to watch how beautifully controlled DASHI is.

There are some difficulty in controlling and balancing such a huge DASHI especially when it goes through narrow road or sharply bending road.

Some elderly men on DASHI give indication to the controlling guys around DASHI when it comes to the corner or narrow place like which side should be pulled stronger.

Sometimes DASHI hits to a roof of houses, or falls down because of out of balance .

Unfortunately, it is no wonder to have injured people during the festival, and sometimes it brings death.

This festival originally began in order to pray for the productiveness of grain about 300 years ago.

But now, it is more for maintaining strong tie in each community.

The festival is held in some place, mostly western Japan (I guess kinki area has the most number of communities owning Danjiri. Osaka has the biggest one).

If you have chance to visit Japan around September and October, I recommend to check the schedule of Danjiri festival!!