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Jul 3, 2010 16:49
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Won-Joo, Lee. I am double majoring in Chinese and Business at Sookmyung Women’s University. I would like to work at Overseas sales department of your company.
When I worked part-time job at VIPS for 2 years, I was interested in CJ group. Because I received strong impression about CJ group’s welfare. I wasn’t even regular employee, but your company offered me welfare benefit. I think consideration for employee motivates all of worker. So I really want to be a CJ’s employer. Moreover, I studied Chinese and Business, so it is fit to the Oversea sales in China.
Responsibility and harmony, these two words can represent my strong point. First of all, when I take over some tasks, I try to do my best and feel strong responsibility. So I can concentrate on them well. For the example, I did volunteer work that is teaching children in poor living circumstance after school. At that time I had many agony about how I close to them and how I teach them well. So I tried to take EBS courses to teach them more easily and after finishing the day’s volunteer work, I had dinner together. Eventually, they opened their mind and we maintained good relationship. I think this resulted from my responsibility.
Harmony is also my character. I like making and maintaining relationship with the others. So I am harmonious both individually and in a group. When I work with others, I try to complete my work successfully than I lead the others. And I try to compromise than empathizing my opinion, so I contribute to teamwork.
But, nobody is perfect. My big weakness is a lack of confidence. Since I was young, I have been ashamed and negative. But after I grew up, through experiences of part-time job and studying abroad, it’s better than before. But I’m not confident about myself, so I always have many concerns and hesitate to do something. I think, however, sometimes it is helpful to me, because this makes me moderate and I don’t make hurry decision, moreover, I don’t say thoughtlessly so I don’t make others mind hurt.
I think ideal job is working where I love the work. It’s very happy that loving what I do and doing what I love. So if I work at overseas sales of your company, I will be happy to work and contribute to your company growth. Because I like China and my major, moreover I also learned Business. So I think these are my merit.
My motto isBe faithful to present”. This mean that I don’t have to concern about things not yet happened and if I do my best to present my job, it would be achieve my dream. So I do my best now, and I hope you can find out my true worth.