Now I'm Back Home from Our English Circle  あ~楽しかった

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Feb 14, 2012 15:57
Today was the second time for our English circle. 
I had a very very good time.

The regular members are 5 but one of us was off, instead, I met two new faces today.
One is Japanese woman who once went to New Zealand to study English for 4 weeks.
In addition, her daughter's family lives in San Diego.
She introduced herself. She thought and spoke in English well.

Another is Chinese woman who teachs Chinese in Uji.
Two of the regular members are taught Chinese by her, and they invited her.
She is also good at English.
She said she liked English language and English songs.

Actually I also wanted to learn Chinese, so I once studied by myself.
I have a Chinese phrese I've wanted to try using.
The phrase is "这是我的名片。(チョーシーウォダミンピェン)" which means, "This is my name card."
I gave her my name card and said, "这是我的名片。"
I got through to her!! I was so happy. (*^^)v

I didn't know that new faces came to our circle, but it was a happy surprise.

To get back to talking about learning English, we learned some useful casual phrases and practiced conversation by using those phrases.

And then I introduced myself. I also talked about Lang-8, writing an entry in English every day and how wonderful Lang-8 is.
I tried to think and speak in English, and I found my English speaking ability has much more improved!!
It's all thanks to Lang-8. I'm sooo happy to meet Lang-8.

I think we stimula..., no, no, we motivated each other.

After that, I went to my friend's house, had a lunch and talked together.
Most of our conversations ended up being about Lang-8. (^_^;)

Anyway, I'm happy today! とにかく、今日はご機嫌だよ!

*** Our Circle's History ***

Meeting to do something for learning English なんかしたいね~~

Decided to make an English circle よし、サークルやろ!

The first time activity 第1回目!