A letter to a Portuguese girl, asking information about Portuguese.

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Jan 31, 2012 09:09
Sometimes is better asking people than cosulting Internet because there are just nothing but bullshit and junkcrap on the Net, which can be false, so is better asking people or reading.



This is "Jasiel & Icy" from Mexico, I am 19 years old, I am ein Mensch and my native language is Spanish. I saw your profile and I discovered the little words you wrote and you said that if someone has a question about Portuguese, that someone may ask you, so I have a few questions about Portuguese.

Actually I would say that I have more than just one question but I will name them slowly.

To start with, How is the alphabet of Portuguese like?
Is it the Latin one, I mean, then it would be just like Spanish.

Second, How many genders are there in Portuguese? Male and female, or there is a third one, like German and Sanskrit. Or more like Polish, I think there are four genders in Polish.

Thirdly, what are the main differences between the Portuguese from Brazil and the Portuguese from Portugal?
I have listened both and I can understand both easily just as well as I can understand almost perfectly Italian, nevertheless I have noted that there are a lot of differences, that I think I cannot describe. I listened to Saramago saying "Donde esta entao a democracia" and it was outstanding and I understand almost everything he said and I saw that video without subtitles.
On the other hand I watched "A era do gelo 2" in its original language and the pronunciation of the characters is completely different from Saramago’s and it caused me curiosity and after that I wanted to learn Portuguese, nevertheless I don’t know which one should I learn. A friend of mine is interested in Portuguese from Portugal and he told me that Brazilian is completely different from Portuguese from Portugal, just like English. The British English, the one I am studying, defers from American English, so I think there must be some differences.

Fourly, is Portuguese hard? It does not really matter, cause I do want to learn it.

To finish with, what would you teach me first? No matter what is it, I will study it and will learn it. I am a language student, so I must learn as much a I can. That is maybe just an unstoppable knowledge hunger.

Jasiel & Icy”

Greetings from Mexico.