Today's topic is ''2011''

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Nov 28, 2011 23:20
Now,I'm looking back this year, a little early.This year impressed me everything.

First,I write about myself.I became adult as I grew up 20 years old,it's memorable.Then, drinking alcohol is admitted, I love drinking.
And I've gone to abroad alone for first time.It was significant experience for me.
Then I start writing diary in English here.

Suprisingly I hated English, however I've liked English gradually since I went to abroad and wrote diary.
Belive it, or not I may view fuzzy my future.

Next, many thing occured on the earth in this year.
Most incredible thing in Japan was earthquake and tunami attacked Tohoku.Moreover, It caused nuclear accident in Fukushima. It forced many Japanese people's life style to change.Fortunately, my knowing people wasn't suffered damage but my haert hurted by many people dying.
Not only Japan, to say turnning point accident happened other country.

For example, flood in Australia, revolution in Tunisia Egypt and Libya, earthquake in New Zealand, murder Osama bin laden by USA, volcano in Iceland and Chile, terrorism in Norway, crisis of the Euro in Greece and Italy, rebellion in London, famine in Somalia, flood in Thailand, demonstration in NY, earthquake in Turkey,and Steive Jobs died.

furthermore, to change leader was many in 2011, Japanese prime minister, Mubarak, Berlusconi, Gaddafi, and more.

Wow...Too many things.I was suprised though I wrote this.

But I think that something will occur in remain this year.
There is a prediction of Maya in famous predictions.It was written that the world ends in 2011.

Of cause, I don't belive that.
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