Today's topic is ''Cycling''

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Nov 18, 2011 01:51
I love cycling.I got road bike last my birth day.So I have ridden bicycle everyday.When I go to school I rode this bike for a hour distance of 15km one way.

So far I have ridden long distance,among those I went from Kyoto to Osaka.Travel distance is 122km.It was so tired.But I got a feeling achivement.Then I went and loaded folded my bike on bus from Tokyo to Kyoto by night bus.

In the morning,I arrived at Kyoto.And I went around various sightseeing spot by bike.Most impressive place is old coffee shop.It have stood there since 71 years ago.Surprisingly this coffee taste is unchanged from establishment.It tasted really good.

Then,I left from Kyoto and went toword through Nara to Osaka.However it was painful way.In order to reach Osaka,I had to climb hill.It was very hard.In Arrived at Osaka,it was dark.

But I enjoyed this trip,because I love cycling.

P.S. I often use ''I'' when I write diary.Too many...What should I do?